Monday, July 9, 2018

the above/ground press summer sale! and today is the press' 25th birthday!

IT WAS TWENTY-FIVE YEARS AGO TODAY (July 9, 1993) that I launched the first two official above/ground press titles (after a year or two of a variety of titles and semi-random press names, if at all) at an event at the long-since disappeared Stone Angel Institute coffeehouse on Lisgar Street. Where does the time go, exactly?

While there are a number of other anniversary-specific schemes currently in production, I thought we should also celebrate A QUARTER CENTURY OF CONTINUOUS PRODUCTION (getting remarkably close to nine hundred publications) with a glorious summer sale!

$25 for any seven 2018 chapbook titles! (until August 15, 2018

including: Spell to Spell, Lea Graham; 1962 - 2018, Tim Atkins; Signs of Our Discontent, Arnold McBay and Gregory Betts; The Book of Mark, Amanda Earl; tattered sails (after un coup de des), Derek Beaulieu; Catalogue d’Oiseaux, Toronto — Mainz-Kastel, Aaron Tucker; Glosas for Tired Eyes Volume 2, Dani Spinosa; From Being Without Substance, Andrew Wessels; coastal geometries, Marthe Reed; po po poems, Kate Siklosi; americana, Edward Smallfield; The Cosmos, Sean Braune; What We Remembered Before the Fire, Amish Trivedi; The Landscapes Were in My Arms (figure 1), Sara Renee Marshall; The Peter F Yacht Club #26, VERSeFest 2018 special, edited by rob mclennan; CERTAIN WORDS, a septipartite structure investing the seven ideas of Hermogenes, Steve McCaffery; gravitynipplemilk anthroposcenesters, Gary Barwin and Tom Prime; PLEASURE BRISTLES, Gary Barwin and Alice Burdick; snow day, rob mclennan; Go Under The Surface, Stephanie Gray; Undo, Alice Notley; muscle memory, Stan Rogal; rib and instep: honey, Rachel Mindell; SEARCHING FOR A SPECIES, Eleni Zisimatos; Gestational Trail, Adrienne Gruber; Phantom Equator, Andrew Cantrell; faux foe, kevin martins mcpherson eckhoff; and MOTHER OF ALL, Anna Gurton-Wachter; as well as issues #16-18 of Touch the Donkey!

while supplies last (like, obviously,

To order, send cheques (US orders, add $2 for postage; outside Canada/US, add $5) to: rob mclennan, 2423 Alta Vista Drive, Ottawa ON K1H 7M9 or paypal at

with numerous rarities/backlist titles still available as well!

with forthcoming titles by Beth Ayer, Lisa Rawn, Ian Dreiblatt, Jenna Jarvis, Jamie Townsend, Cole Swensen, Jason Christie, Allison Cardon, Melissa Eleftherion, Uxío Novoneyra (trans. Erín Moure), Travis Sharp, Stuart Kinmond / Phil Hall, Natalee Caple, Jon Boisvert, Lise Downe, Dennis Cooley, Michael Martin Shea, Jennifer Stella and Miguel E. Ortiz Rodríguez! (and more, most likely,

and you've seen the anniversary essays that have been appearing over the past few months? celebratory essays by authors and friends of the press including John Barton, Eric Schmaltz, David McKnight, Susanne Dyckman, Kristina Drake, Michael Dennis, Sean Braune, Carrie Olivia Adams, Gregory Betts, Marthe Reed, Gil McElroy, Ken Norris, Colin Morton, Aaron Tucker, Phil Hall, Gary Barwin, Erín Moure, Jason Christie, Amanda Earl, Stan Rogal, Eleni Zisimatos, Derek Beaulieu and Jessica Smith; more of those to come as well,

and keep an eye out on the annual above/ground press anniversary reading/launch/party at Ottawa's Vimy Brewing Company on Saturday, August 25th! readings and new titles already confirmed by Jason Christie, Natalee Caple, Julia Polyck-O'Neill, as well as plenty of others!


there is so much to come I can't even,

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