Thursday, February 22, 2018

new from above/ground press: rib and instep : honey, by Rachel Mindell

rib and instep: honey
Rachel Mindell

I am Zsa Zsa Gabor Says Monkey

And you're my one in seven billion,
quiet as a hummingbird.

Out where crafts hover,
where the triangles blip

and depart, I was certain
a ship might land so stealth

we could serve it lunch.
Potted meat on two truths,

toast points. Plates edged
by tabloid wallpaper and

an airbase. I catch glimpses
only to release them,

blinking. You've decided
on levels beyond which

you won’t so I've decided to
give you a haircut. One hot buzz,

tight enough to level my fictitious
with your decent. Photography

behind the counter, doctored
yes but exhibiting kin crop marks

and light strips, oracle gone
sky highward. You don't have to

know much to know something.
Sometimes the only sane answer

to a senseless world is paranoia.
New clothes, mascara. A wig maybe.

published in Ottawa by above/ground press
February 2018
celebrating twenty-five years of above/ground press
a/g subscribers receive a complimentary copy

Rachel Mindell
lives in Tucson, Arizona. She is the author of Like a Teardrop and a Bullet (Dancing Girl Press), and her poems have appeared (or will) in Pool, DIAGRAM, Bombay Gin, BOAAT, Forklift, Ohio, Glass Poetry, The Journal, Sundog Lit, Tammy, and elsewhere. Rachel holds an MFA and MA from the University of Montana. She manages content and promotions for Submittable, and teaches poetry to young people.

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