Tuesday, April 30, 2024

new from above/ground press: BRADE LANDS, by Peter Myers

Peter Myers

July 16

I’m back with the purity condition

longing for right activity or at least a machine trusted to draw lines of distinction

frenetic confession not directed toward any one thing but operating as a strategy or way of life which upon zoom-out reveals the larger structure that will have been what was aspired to

I find myself in a clearing

troubled by attachments the having of them

I embrace them with my arms

they disintegrate but I still hold on

then the hug I give a friend becomes the one necessary condition to turn them to dust in my arms

so I’m walking sick in the cloud

it’s bound to me I can’t get out without risking agony

though somewhere a grip is loosening

as friends age I see how they become either more themselves or less but don’t maintain a constant distance and I wonder how I have moved or changed or

a green wave

purity comes in through cracks as fluid or maybe light

the edge a stable ghost

one time I told my mom I was trying to drink less coffee

she was incredulous she asked me why             

                                    [ green wave ]


published in Ottawa by above/ground press
April 2024
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Peter Myers
is a poet living in New York. His recent poems have appeared in Fence, Hot Pink Mag, jubilat, and Nomaterialism. He has written essays and reviews for Annulet, Full Stop, and Chicago Review.

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