Monday, February 11, 2019

new from above/ground press: Codex Mathematicum, by Joshua James Collis

Codex Mathematicum
Joshua James Collis

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Do we listen 2 music?
Or do we listen 2 Music?
Music as a lifestyle, Music as a culture
Music as a sense of identity, as it pertains to

How we present ourselves in a society
I am a punk – I listen to Music
I am a hip-hop – I listen to Music
I listen to Music

You aren’t really listening
to music. To an arrangement – of notes and chords
of beats or bass or
something created in a studio. Or something slapped

together in a garage, ,
or constructed carefully
on an acoustic at a party, then fundamentally failing to
get laid.

published in Ottawa by above/ground press
February 2019
a/g subscribers receive a complimentary copy

Joshua James Collis
is from the West Cost of Canada. He sold cell phones for a while, then settled on earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts from UVic.

He’s also played the bass in dive bars, been in one of Victoria’s largest art collectives, edited a theatre review and written and directed some University films that no one has ever seen. You can find him at

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