Friday, March 4, 2022

new from above/ground press: 3¢ Pulp, by Lillian Nećakov

3¢ Pulp
Lillian Nećakov

California Redwoods

Remember how we had to walk
all the way to Telegraph Hill
Union Square and Embarcadero
because the San Francisco Municipal Railway
was on furlough?
and we found ourselves on Russian Hill
each holding a copy of Imaginary Elegies
we had just bought at City Lights
and the ocean spread out below
like a giant hand and somewhere
in the distance, the crackling
of a transistor radio, Cielito Lindo
as the curious chemistry of hydrangea
spilled into the traffic
and for some reason we thought of
Myrna Loy and William Powell
and our oval-shaped syllables braided
into the technicolour blue spring
forming tiny soundwaves that would
later be played over KPFA Radio
on Doo Wop Delights and I would be
a Russian ballet dancer and Opal Nations
would declare checkmate in his tiny office
on Martin Luther King Jr Way in Berkley
and we would grow wild and we would
leave and the California redwoods
would remain in the twilight
of their unfathomable muteness.

published in Ottawa by above/ground press
March 2022
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Lillian Nećakov
is the author of six books of poetry, numerous chapbooks, broadsides and leaflets. Her new book il virus was published in April 2021 by Anvil Press (A Feed Dog Book). In 2016, her chapbook The Lake Contains an Emergency Room was shortlisted for bpNichol chapbook award. During the 1980s she ran a micro press called “The Surrealist Poets Gardening Association” and sold her books on Toronto’s Yonge Street. She ran the Boneshaker Reading series from 2010-2020. She lives in Toronto and just might be working on a new book.

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