Friday, December 1, 2023

new from above/ground press: with the lakes, by Colin Dardis

with the lakes
Colin Dardis


Aweigh of junk piles,
untold centuries
teased from their rust,
resurfacing; a gravity
towards the shoreline.

Disturbance amidst rocks:
seabed whispering
as currents play their hands,
lifting pennies from eyes,
a cure for blindness.

Without light
and too much weight,
hull and reef conjoined.
The lighthouse blinks
in disbelief.
published in Ottawa by above/ground press
December 2023
as part of above/ground press’ thirtieth anniversary
a/g subscribers receive a complimentary copy

Cover image: extract from And Man appeared; questioning the earth from which he emerged and which attracts him, he made his way toward sombre brightness by Odilon Redon, 1883

Colin Dardis is a neurodivergent writer, editor and sound artist from Northern Ireland. His most recent book is Apocrypha: Collected Early Poems (Cyberwit, 2022). His work, largely influenced by his experiences with depression and Asperger's, has been published widely throughout Ireland, the UK and USA. Previous collections include All This Light In Which To See The Dead: Pandemic Journals 2020-21 (Rancid Idols Productions, 2022), Endless Flower (Rancid Idols Productions, 2021), The Dogs of Humanity (Fly on the Wall Press, 2019), and the x of y (Eyewear, 2018). The latest release from his DARDIS sound project is Funerealism (Inner Demons Records, 2022).

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