Tuesday, May 6, 2008

new from above/ground press: Peter F. Yacht Club #11

Edited & compiled & typeset & paid for by rob mclennan
May 2008 (Edmonton issue, part two)

With new work by various Yacht Club regulars & irregulars:

Douglas Barbour;
Jenna Butler;
Amanda Earl;
Jesse Patrick Ferguson;
Laurie Fuhr;
Lea Graham;
William Hawkins;
Karen Massey;
Marcus McCann;
rob mclennan;
Max Middle;
Sean Moreland;
Jennifer Mulligan;
Catherine Owen;
Pearl Pirie;
Roland Prevost;
Wes Smiderle;
Janice Tokar;

$5 / +$2 for postage/shipping
above/ground press subscribers rec' a complimentary copy; mail all your money to:
rob mclennan, c/o 858 Somerset Street West, main floor, Ottawa Ontario Canada K1R 6R7

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