Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Pearl Pirie's #95 Books : Amanda Earl + The Peter F. Yacht Club #29

Pearl Pirie
was good enough to include two above/ground press titles as part of her ongoing #95 Books list for 2021. You can catch her full (ongoing) list here.

17. Aftermath of scenes of a woman convalescing by Amanda Earl (above/ground, 2019) is a chapbook about health problems in language-y ways and more straight spoken vignettes. Both work to capture the feeling of incapacity.

8. Peter F Yacht Club #29 (above/ground, 2020) is in a new smaller format, which is great because the full 8 1/2 x 11 don’t fit my shelves. Great poems by Monty Reid and Amanda Earl. A new one by me in there. I have extras if you want a copy. I believe it is part of an above/ground subscription. It’s like a mystery poetry party gift every few weeks.

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