Thursday, July 9, 2020


Happy birthday, above/ground press! (the press is currently at some 1055 published items-to-date, by the by) This year is different, obviously; we can't have a big anniversary reading/launch/party the way we've had in other years. I suppose that means we'll just have to make next year's party bigger, then, yes? See my report on last year's 26th anniversary event here, the 25th anniversary event in 2018 (and the big list of numbers I compiled that same year), the 23rd anniversary event in Ottawa and a further 23rd anniversary event in Toronto back in 2016, the twentieth anniversary event from 2013, and the 19th anniversary event back in 2012; remember those? We will do events again, promise! And there will most likely be cake! But once we emerge: will people still dance? will dubstep still be a thing? will food trucks still be a thing? (Most likely answers: yes. no. yes.)

Don't forget that the pandemic/summer sale is still going on for another week or so (or something), and the Black Lives Matter : chapbook give-away is ongoing (until I run out of the mound of chapbooks I pulled out for the idea) (oh, and I still have t-shirts left over from the 25th anniversary, by the by). But do not worry! The press will still be here throughout this ongoing crisis, attempting to produce chapbooks, journals and broadsides as best as possible (you should totally be following all of the poetry-related activity going on at our newish online journal, periodicities: a journal of poetry and poetics), and promote authors as best as possible (don't forget Michael Sikkema's call for submissions as part of his issue of G U E S T [a journal of guest editors], yes?), as well as attempting to help push the world into a far healthier, open, equal and thoughtful space for all to live with dignity and respect. We can do that, right? And when we emerge from all of this, we shall be better for it, in part because we chose to be better. But for now: stay home! wash your hands! please be safe! and be nicer to everyone. We can make it.

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