Thursday, May 14, 2020

the above/ground press pandemic/summer sale!

do we even know what's happening anymore? July 9, 2020 will be the TWENTY-SEVENTH ANNIVERSARY OF CONTINUOUS PRODUCTION for above/ground press (which is, by the by, more than 1,000 publications strong), and, given we've no idea if an anniversary party in August is even possible this year, I thought, why not offer a summer sale instead? (I mean, people love those, right?)

there are still new publications attempting to emerge through the crisis, which means I'm actually having to figure out actual computer-design, instead of the usual scissors-and-tape variety (okay, that's not at all true; so far, natalie hanna has designed a publication, and Christine McNair has designed another), but some titles will just have to wait until my print-shop opens properly. we will emerge from this! gah! but until then:

$30 (plus shipping) for any eight 2019/2020 chapbook titles! (until July 15, 2020!

with options including plenty of 2020 chapbook titles so far: G U E S T [a journal of guest editors] #10, edited by Jenny Penberthy; G U E S T [a journal of guest editors] #9, edited by natalie hanna; Touch the Donkey [a small poetry journal] #25; Love Is not An Algorithm, George Stanley; The Peter F Yacht Club #28, VERSeFest 2020 (10th anniversary!) special [ c a n c e l l a t i o n / p o s t p o n e m e n t  i s s u e ]; design school drop out, Rachel Kearney; A General History of the Air, J. R. Carpenter; bodega night pigeon riot, Amanda Deutch; ALAS & ALACK, Stan Rogal; Montcorbier, Guy Birchard; Light Waves The Leaves, Razielle Aigen; Poems for Lunch Poems at SFU, rob mclennan; Thaumaturgy, Anthony Etherin; The Desert of Itabira, Leesa Dean; Euphorbia, Eric Baus; Certain Humans, Ian McCulloch; The Mystery of Ornament, Dale Tracy; Touch the Donkey [a small poetry journal] #24; G U E S T [a journal of guest editors] #8, edited by Kate Siklosi and Dani Spinosa

as well as the plethora of 2019 chapbook titles: F I V E   O ’ C L O C K   O N   T H E   S H O R E, Allyson Paty; Retreat  Diary  2019, Margaret Christakos; disrobing iris, Mary Kasimor; TALKING GIBBERISH TO STRANGERS, Ben Robinson; Aftermath or Scenes of a Woman Convalescing, Amanda Earl; Lion’s Den, a chiasmus, Jessica Smith; Autobiographical Ecology, Isabel Sobral Campos; S i n g ... d e s p i t e, Pete Smith; Furigraphic Horizons, Hawad, translated from the French by Jake Syersak; Five Mothers, N.W. Lea; Touch the Donkey [a small poetry journal] #23; Tomorrow, adagio, poems inspired by the work of Mihai Eminescu, Simina Banu; G U E S T [a journal of guest editors] #6, guest edited by Sarah Mangold; I Have Not Led a Serious Life, Lydia Unsworth; A Box of Light, Ian McCulloch; and so, a vineyard, Andrew K. Peterson; VALEDICTIONS, Three essays by Guy Birchard on William Hawkins, Ray ("Condo") Tremblay and Artie Gold; Hearing Loss, Susanne Dyckman; THE TASMANIAN DEVIL & other poems, Twentieth Anniversary Edition, John Newlove, with an introduction by J.A. Weingarten; An Ecology of the Void, Ben Meyerson; Short Cloud, Natalie Lyalin; Invermere Grids, Zane Koss; The President of the United States, Michael Dennis; FAKE FLOATING, Jane Virginia Rohrer; Eldon, letters, Pearl Pirie; contrite, Chris Turnbull; NINETY TINY POEMS, Stuart Ross; the day the moon went away, Marilyn Irwin; G U E S T [a journal of guest editors] #5, edited by D.W. Adams; HONG KONG BLUES, Ken Norris; Gravenhurst, a failed record of a roadtrip in haibun, Chris Johnson; Trust Only the Beasts in the Water, Conyer Clayton; Apples and Roses, Frances Boyle; Here on Huron, Michael Sikkema; Rain Play, Kemeny Babineau; G U E S T [a journal of guest editors] #3, edited by Geoffrey Young; poem | image | self (after Adrian Piper and Lucy Lippard’s Catalysis), Julia Polyck-O'Neill; Touch the Donkey [a small poetry journal] #21 : fifth anniversary issue; Dust of the Wren, poems and translations, Gary Barwin; 1956, Kate Siklosi; Somewhere in-between / cloud, rob mclennan; har sawlya, Mairéad Byrne; running commentary along the bottom of the tapestry, Kimberly Campanello; Tag & Run: Canto One, Stephen Cain; COLLECTIONS-14, Kyle Kinaschuk; The Ghosts of Barnacullia, Paul Perry; For a Poetry of Blot, Gregory Betts; Some Julian Days : Twentieth Anniversary Edition, Gil McElroy, with a new afterword by the author; from The Book of Bramah, Renée Sarojini Saklikar; camera obscura, Claudia Coutu Radmore; Words Are What You Get / You Do It For Real, poems and prose poems, Stephanie Gray; B V A, Billy Mavreas; A Holiday for Molecules, Alice Burdick; Like the noises alive people wear, R. Kolewe; After the Battle of Kingsway, the bees— Second printing, Renée Sarojini Saklikar; SAME BITCH, DIFFERENT ERA: THE REAL HOUSEWIVES POEMS, Heather Sweeney; uoiea, Franco Cortese; BODY BIRTH, Evan Gray; from Riot, September 2016, an Inside Out Journal, Dale Smith; Empire of Dirt, Virginia Konchan; Codex Mathematicum, Joshua James Collis; CHOOSE YOUR OWN POEM, Laura Farina; LETTERS WE'RE ALLOWED, Jennifer Stella; as well as G U E S T [a journal of guest editors] #2 (edited by Brenda Iijima), #3 (edited by Geoffrey Young), #4 (edited by Anthony Etherin) and #5 (edited by D.W. Adams) and Touch the Donkey [a small poetry journal] #20, #21 (fifth anniversary issue!) and #22 (more to come, so any titles that appear after this post would also be eligible,

while supplies last (like, obviously,

To order, send cheques (as well as your list of preferred titles; add $1 for postage; in US, add $2; outside North America, add $5) to: rob mclennan, 2423 Alta Vista Drive, Ottawa ON K1H 7M9. E-transfer or PayPal at at rob_mclennan (at) or the PayPal button at

with numerous rarities/backlist titles still available as well! And you remember we still have t-shirts, right? And those 25th anniversary broadsheets?

with forthcoming titles by Lance La Rocque, Andrea Rexilius, kevin mcpherson eckhoff, Jérôme Melançon, ryan fitzpatrick, Dani Spinosa, Mark Scroggins, Michael e. Casteels + Nick Papaxanthos, Rose Maloukis, Sarah Burgoyne, Buck Downs, Paul Perry, Franco Cortese, Andrew Cantrell, Ashley Yang-Thompson + Mikko Harvey, Melissa Eleftherion, Zane Koss, Dennis Cooley and Barry McKinnon [some of which might be appearing later than I might have wished, given the current crisis], as well as the 26th issue of Touch the Donkey! And a couple of issues of G U E S T [a journal of guest editors]! and there’s totally still time to subscribe for 2020, by the way (backdating to January 1st, obviously).
and while we, at above/ground press world headquarters, know that we are living in unprecedented times, what choice have we but to persevere, and move forward? while being attentive to physical safety, hand-washing and mental stability as best as possible. we wish you all continued health and safety, please! we will still be here, even through the disruptions, attempting to produce new books, journals and broadsides as best as we are able (and in the meantime, of course, check out the online extension of above/ground: periodicities: a journal of poetry and poetics).

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