Wednesday, September 11, 2019

new from above/ground press: An Ecology of the Void, by Ben Meyerson

An Ecology of the Void
Ben Meyerson

Sonic Metamorphosis
Let bloodlet meatflank rinse
its wet into bankless river –
haunchsweat to gather strain
in refrain amid bereaved lather:
set leaves/petals atop brick
and rub till plastered;
regret twigwise and clockward;
repent guise repent words; capsize
in esophabile in forced acid
of grammar habile in panicked
skidhammer till worse and
worse; to grouse for food
to grouse for love to
river-douse it to grouse
for digging to reach
an above and so to begin
and so to set out with
heaped speech like glottal hatchlings
to cheep nestbound for snitched insects
to snatch ourselves away –
to beseech to beseech to beseech.

published in Ottawa by above/ground press
September 2019
a/g subscribers receive a complimentary copy

Ben Meyerson
holds an MFA from the University of Minnesota, and currently splits his time between Toronto, Canada and Granada, Spain. He is the author of two previous chapbooks: In a Past Life, which was published by The Alfred Gustav Press, and Holcocene, which was published by Kelsay Books. His poems, translations and essays have appeared or are forthcoming in several journals, including Great River Review, Epignosis Quarterly (via Black Herald Press), The Inflectionist Review, Decoys #1: Spectral Revelries, Rust+Moth and Pidgeonholes.

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