Thursday, August 28, 2014

above/ground press introduces new logo

For those who have been paying attention, above/ground press introduced a new logo a couple of weeks ago on various publications, just in time for the twenty-first anniversary reading at Raw Sugar Cafe, replacing the Maxville, Ontario address with our little house on Alta Vista Drive, here in Ottawa. Utilizing the same hand-me-down typewriter that produced the original logo back in 1993, I hammered away our new address, and started slipping it onto the backs of the August 2014 publications. Why was the Maxville address there in the first place, you might ask? I've lived in more than a couple of locations throughout Ottawa over the past twenty-one years, and wanted to maintain an address that, no matter where I was, would reach me five or even ten years later. Given my family has been on the same rural road since 1845, and my father remains on the homestead, with my sister and her brood owning the adjacent property, it seemed a rather safe address. For years, my mother delivering a weekly plastic bag of envelopes to various of my Ottawa addresses, from Heron Road to Fifth Avenue to Rochester Street, and the more occasional selection to Somerset Street West. Only now that we've purchased a house on Alta Vista did it seem appropriate to update. While we were still renting, I just didn't see the point. Make sense?

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