Monday, December 10, 2012

"poem" broadside #314 / Queen’s University writer-in-residence (2012) poem-pick # 3: "untitled" by Wanda Praamsma


m says: do you have that problem, all your socks disappearing into the washing machine?
they slide into this hole
there’s this whole mountain of socks in there

he – oh mysterious he – tells me:        intuition
use it
                        you don’t have to know what you’re doing
just do it
                        make something
                        don’t plan it all out
take something small and go with it
                        see where it takes you

                                                            wise words

at a reading at a library on a downtown ottawa street elizabeth hay says:

you don’t always have to know what you are doing

and so: I promptly go outside and call nancy cooper alice cooper

she laughs

like my mother and her coils
she has a shape in mind and that’s it, start rolling
the clay

by Wanda Praamsma
above/ground press broadside #314
& Queen’s University writer-in-residence (2012) poem-pick # 3
curated by Phil Hall)
Wanda Praamsma is a writer and yoga instructor living on Wolfe Island, Ont. She has new work forthcoming in ottawater #9. She blogs at

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