Tuesday, October 3, 2023

new from above/ground press: Cartesian Wells, by Gil McElroy

Cartesian Wells
Gil McElroy

All’s well that ends the
whatnesses of
the cosmos, the
fierce dos (although you can still say
your don’ts, feeling
for the sunny parts
of the story) of
them hawks &
eagles, them
parrots, all
mutual birds with
densely speckled
alphabets &
the beauty over which
we vote

Oh, &
filaments of

published in Ottawa by above/ground press
October 2023
as part of above/ground press’ thirtieth anniversary
a/g subscribers receive a complimentary copy

Gil McElroy
is a poet, visual artist, and curator currently living in North Bay, Ontario. His most recent book of poetry is Long Division (University of Calgary Press, 2020).

Gil McElroy is the author of eight previous above/ground press chapbooks, including “Echolocations” (½ of STANZAS #5, April 1995), Some Julian Days (1999), “Meteor Showers” (STANZAS #31, 2002), (The Work of Art) In the Age of Mechanical Reproduction (2005), Twentieth (2013), The Doxologies (2014), LAOS (Some Julian Days) (2018) and Some Julian Days: Twentieth Anniversary Edition (2019). He also had a poem in the above/ground press twenty-fifth anniversary broadside series (2018).

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