Tuesday, June 20, 2023

new from above/ground press: Simple Location, by Andrew Gorin

Simple Location
Andrew Gorin

Skunks Eat Leaves

Skunks eat leaves, peaceably in our garden
As if this sibilance mattered to them
Ferns confirm a photorealistic atmosphere
Friends go in a hose to drink

When you expect it, there it is
The cup knows the hand like a question
Creases time in the static, turning air
Into vacuoles of discomfiture
Do not adjust your lawn protocol

Skunks eat leaves, mean art hogs
Hogs mean art, art eats
Capital. I have used up all
Of my words for accumulation
published in Ottawa by above/ground press
June 2023
as part of above/ground press’ thirtieth anniversary
a/g subscribers receive a complimentary copy

Andrew Gorin
teaches in the departments of Environmental Studies and Media, Culture, and Communication at New York University. He is the author of Someone Like You (Gauss PDF, 2017), and the creator and co-editor of the collaborative writing project Executive Orders (The Operating System and Organism for Poetic Research, 2017-ongoing).

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