Thursday, March 23, 2023

new from above/ground press: G U E S T [a journal of guest editors] #26 : guest-edited by Adam Katz

edited by Adam Katz
published as part of above/ground press’ thirtieth anniversary
see here for Adam Katz’ introduction 

the new issue features new work by:

alex benedict
Marc E. Christmas
Adam Katz
Ron Silliman

Canadian/American/International rates (including shipping

author biographies:

alex benedict runs betweenthehighway press. alex is a Jōdo Shū Buddhist from Ohio’s Cuyahoga Valley, currently tutoring at The University of North Carolina’s Writing Center.

Marc E. Christmas currently lives in Columbia, MD and is a high school teacher for Howard County Public School System, and the Director for holistic healing at the Niyah Center. His recent poetry is a written to inspire those healing from personal tragedy and/or depression. He is a recognized thought leader in transformative leadership development, business development, energy healing, and critical life skills training. He’s also a Certified Reiki Master Teacher and a Certified Life Coach.

Adam Katz is a poet-scholar, fiction writer, English instructor, and editor living on Gitxsan territory in northwest BC.

Ron Silliman lives currently about 20 miles outside of Philadelphia. He teaches at the University of Pennsylvania and his most recent book is an expanded edition of the collaboration Legend, written with Bruce Andrews, Charles Bernstein, the late Ray Di Palma and Steve McCaffery. His last reading tours pre-Covid were of Oklahoma and Spain, more alike than one might imagine.

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