Sunday, January 1, 2023

The Return of The Peter F. Yacht Club Christmas party/reading/regatta: a report,

Another regatta! It was glorious to have a gathering for our holiday what-sis once more, even with a small crowd (less than twenty people, actually). Can you believe this is the first one held in-person since 2019 [see my report on such here]? The Peter F. Yacht Club, which began in the late 1990s somewhere as an informal gathering/conversation of writers, produced its first issue in August 2003, with our first holiday gathering (most likely) in 2005. And of course, see my 2018 report here, my 2017 report here, my 2016 report here, my 2015 report here, and my 2013 report here. Oh, and did you hear a new issue is forthcoming?

We had a small gathering of readers, including Frances Boyle, Jason Christie, myself, Stuart Ross, D.S. Stymeist, Chris Turnbull and Grant Wilkins! AJ Dolman, James Moran (who has a new collection of short stories, apparently) and Margo LaPierre were scheduled, but life circumstances kept each of them from attending, although I did manage to convince (with little prompting) nina jane drystek to read, which was fun. Given the holiday chaos, between the occasional child-cough and the pre-Christmas storm that came through, Christine and our young ladies were away with family (a bumped visit), with a variety of other PFYC regulars also sending their regrets.

Frances Boyle
I've always enjoyed the idea of a holiday party between Christmas and New Year's, given how (obviously) half the readers might be busy with other activities, but those who are able are desperate to get out of the house (there aren't usually readings between, what, the first week of December and the second week of January?). The crowd at this particular event was small (given Covid, weather and other stresses), but mighty: including folk such as Steve Zytveld, Cathy McDonald-Zytveld, Christine Sung (who brought homemade cookies!) and (for the first time in attendance!) Sara Jamieson.

Jason Christie
D.S. Stymeist
Grant Wilkins
Obviously it was so good to hear from everyone! After so long, also. Some of the highlights included Stuart Ross reading a short poem for the late Michael Dennis [see my obituary for him here], Chris Turnbull reading two poems by the late Robert Hogg [see my obituary for him here], Grant Wilkins' remarkable sound poetry performance, and even Stuart and nina jane performing an improvised sound poem collaboration on the spot! Oh, had I only taken some further photos.

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