Thursday, August 12, 2021

new from above/ground press: Television Poems, by Jessi MacEachern

Television Poems
Jessi MacEachern

Bob’s Burgers
S4E17, “Eggs for Days”

The question we should be asking is:
Do you see the egg? Look up
“racoon, babies, wall.” Drive out

the mother with audio harassment.
From crawl space to family restaurant,

the voices groan. Three small faces look
up into the mother. The anger grows with

the stench. Nose hairs twitch like gnats.
A childless man emerges and runs

to the ocean. In steel bowls, we
divide our spoils. In the single-

occupant gender neutral bathroom,
we hide our feelings. Three small

faces open up wide; the result is profound
silence. Schnapps pours freely, pink sludge

in the bloated guts of our guardians.
The hangover cuts into the holiday

like a crime scene. Nostalgia
seeps into us; we recognize

the three wicker baskets, feel
the synthetic fibres against our palms.

Soon a headless bunny will stand in
the yellow straw, a sweet sacrifice.

“Sensational Gardens” combats rot,
the signature scent of a New Jersey

celebrity falls flat into decay.

Three small faces merge

with stars, a manly offering.

published in Ottawa by above/ground press
August 2021
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Jessi MacEachern
lives in Montréal, QC, where she teaches English literature. Her poetry has been published or is forthcoming in CAROUSEL, Touch the Donkey, Poetry Is Dead, Vallum, MuseMedusa, Canthius, PRISM, and CV2. Her debut poetry collection is A Number of Stunning Attacks (Invisible Publishing, 2021).

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