Thursday, August 20, 2015

"poem" broadside #335 : "JD 2457179" by Gil McElroy

What you are you’ve
done, that you’ve
with you
moved. When
profound fingers can close your eyes at leisure,
& the ugly of your mind pittance
people, then, & only then, are you
swollen with a half-life.

Damn, when
did I dream you? Monday,
maybe? Monday because it was
me just looking altogether & then some (&
I remember my amazement), not knowing
the year, nor its
heavily coded nature. So
I’ll now fluctuate,
harmlessly, trivialized, close to

The dreams of time
are possible, maybe, maybe
just old paint I could’ve
aimed at.

Trying too hard. Far
far too hard.

JD 2457179
by Gil McElroy
above/ground press broadside #335
Gil McElroy has published four books of poetry with Talonbooks, most recently, Ordinary Time (2011). He has also published numerous chapbooks and broadsides with various publishers, and in 2013 he was co-winner of the bpNichol Chapbook Award for Ordinary Time: The Merton Lake Propers, published by baseline press. He is also a visual artist, independent curator, and freelance art critic, and lives in the village of Colborne, Ontario. His most recent chapbook is The Doxologies (above/ground press, 2014).

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