Thursday, July 9, 2015

Pearl Pirie reviews Jennifer Kronovet's CASE STUDY: WITH in Arc Poetry Magazine #77

Ottawa poet Pearl Pirie was good enough to review Jennifer Kronovet's CASE STUDY: WITH (2015) as part of a group chapbook review over in Arc Poetry Magazine #77. Thanks much! This is actually the second review of Kronovet's chapbook, after Rebecca Anne Banks' review over at Subterranean Blue Poetry.
[CASE STUDY: WITH] with Jennifer Kronovet (above/ground, 2015) comes at mommy poems from a linguistics background to examine the language engine. It is communicative deep level in the way non-anecdotal poems excel. She relates we map mommy eats, mime eating, an unnatural speech to bridge to fluid speech. To endless but why? how to explain? "Why assumes because is an equal sign. Cause and effect. Before and after. Conservation of energy. No. The why that addresses me makes me in in because, a place where every answer has an equal but opposite error."

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