Thursday, June 4, 2015

Rebecca Anne Banks reviews Amish Trivedi's The Destructions (2015)

Rebecca Anne Banks was good enough to review Amish Trivedi's The Destructions (2015) over at Subterranean Blue Poetry. Thanks, Rebecca! See the original review here.
Byline: Subterranean Blue Poetry
Title of Book: The Destructions
Author: Amish Trivedi
Publisher: above/ground press
Date of Publication: 2015
Page Count: 17

“pockets full of shells”
- from Bulls on Parade by Rage Against the Machine

The Destructions is the 5th Chapbook by Amish Trivedi, a Poet, Poetry Editor and Professor at Roger Williams University in America. He has earned degrees from the University of Georgia and Brown University. His poetry has been published in many journals, he writes Book Reviews and is a co-editor of the literary journal N/A.

A loud, stereographic offering in staccato rhythms, with the careful choosing and juxtapositions of a few words, like a bomb going off. Rooted in the sensuality of the physical union, the war economy North America, the sex in a box economy, the violence is presented as ended possibilities. Love/sex outside of covenant is war.

"Fifth Wheel

in a moment
   of regeneration:    thirty-seven    minutes of waiting

in heat. Warnings of
light massacres
    and a manifestation

of detachments."


One set of
words for our
   inside voice:    letters spray-    painted to

appear in
magazines. This
    night is a dream

of violence coming."

Poet Trivedi uses medical images, the disembodied, a love affair as surgery, playing with images of death.

In "Four Destructions

And another
and stationary
    level three coma     and everything     tired of

staying for anyone
other than anything
    beyond neutralities


Also, the Poet plays with language and morphing words that are the titles of the vignette poems: Destructionette, Destructatron, Destructagedon, Destructocution, Destructionista, Destructitarium. I suspect anger at the violence of love life North America, that plays into word constructions and staccato poetry in the Beat tradition. A masculine view with the theme of the “sex as death” oeuvre that is a brilliant excursion in the heat of a Summer evening. The Destructions by Amish Trivedi.

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