Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Bryce Warnes reviews N.W. Lea's Less Dream (2021) at The Pamphleteer

Bryce Warnes was good enough to provide a first review for N.W. Lea's Less Dream (2021) over at The Pamphleteer. Thanks so much! You can see his original review here. As he writes:

NW Lea | above/ground press | Ottawa, 2021

Staple-bound, 12 pages | Purchase

Among his work’s themes, Lea has named encounters with the Real. One way he gets there: the double take, the second guess. “Void” opens with a list of struckthrough images, proclaims “I’m putting an end / to these twittering lists,” then finds egress from the world of surfaces via birds in a tree, “little adorable portals.” “You could murder every witless thing / in you. Every wishing thing,” proclaims “Murder Ballad,” flexing a knack for the near-homophonic reaching back to 2006’s light years (above/ground). Lea bends language until hairline cracks appear, letting the light shine through—and he’s been doing so for years. Less Dream is only the latest entry in a singular, numinous body of work.

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