Sunday, June 16, 2019

Michael Dennis reviews Emily Izsak's Twenty-Five (2018)

Our pal Michael Dennis (author of a couple of above/ground press titles himself) was good enough to provide the first review of Emily Izsak's Twenty-Five (2018) over at his blog. Thanks so much! You can see the full review here, but it includes:
Twenty-Five is one long poem and Today's book of poetry is just offering up snippets for your digestion.  Today's book of poetry believes Twenty-Five is a love poem for Ariel.  Today's book of poetry thinks Twenty-Five is taking the current cultural temperature from ground zero and with the patience of William Carlos Williams.  Today's book of poetry isn't exactly sure what is happening in Twenty-Five but we were constantly jolted, prodded, disassembled, shuffled, intrigued.

Maybe this is one long autobiographical confession delivered by a modern day hipster scat singer.  All Today's book of poetry knows is that "heaven's breadbox is empty."  Izsak has some wicked chops.

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