Tuesday, September 27, 2016

“poem” broadside #339 : DEAL-MAKING GAMEBOARD, by nathan dueck

from Trump TM

My game makes most money. I’m millionaire smart
Deal-making gameboard                  Denomination
Remember random moves accumulate
Million numbers remain complex matching
Times multi-property promise combinations
Determine competition IMPORTANT
To-morrow to-morrow to-morrow   time
From more time   Messenger
Comest   methought dismal
Move   moving mile coming me
My famine   much Birnam comes
Come arm arm
Imaginable example                         TRUMP GAME TM MB ®

by nathan dueck
produced for the above/ground press
23rd anniversary reading/launch/party,
September 10, 2016
above/ground press broadside #339

The last two letters of nathan dueck’s first name & the first letter of his last spell “and.” Only, he prefers to write it “&.” He is the author of king’s(mère) (Turnstone Press, 2004) and he’ll (Pedlar Press, 2014). He tweets @nathandueck

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