Thursday, January 28, 2016

new from above/ground press: A Precarious Life on the Sea, Sarah Burgoyne

A Precarious Life on the Sea
Sarah Burgoyne


White omens in the sky making shapes of us. I decide to wear all my medallions at once. Found a snout in the basil plant. Who can blame. You, in the small frame. Glasses and longsuffering. I sent you a letter on the subject of broccoli. What’s another word for sacrament?

Summer séances spent welcoming a new ice age in hospital gowns. No one visits, and if they do, we stick ‘em. Having not been coordinated enough to find a new castle. Always the first to go. No sons or daughters come to sing hymns around. Unmothered in the off season.

A strange hand under a young chin. Most times, your dreamer is the enemy. I spend the night writing Westerns, answering yes and yes to true or false. I guess I need to live up to fatherhood. Grow my summer antlers. See how far the voodoo lily will stretch.

published in Ottawa by above/ground press
January 2016
a/g subscribers receive a complimentary copy

Sarah Burgoyne
was born and raised on Canada’s West Coast. Her first manuscript, Saint Twin, is being published with Mansfield Press in 2016 and is gigantic.

[Sarah Burgoyne launches A Precarious Life on the Sea in Ottawa alongside Julie Morrissy and Claire Farley as part of The Factory Reading Series, March 26, 2016]

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