Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The FREE VERSE Anthology launch, July 9, 1993

Alexander Monker was good enough to scan this flyer he found recently, for the launch of the first-ever above/ground press publication, The FREE VERSE ANTHOLOGY (1993), with poems by Sylvia Adams, Matthew Barlow, Henry Beissel, George Bowering, Thea Bowering, Agnes Bright, Brian Burke, Terry Ann Carter, Richard Carter, David Collins, Frank J. Cormier, Michael Dennis, Heather Ferguson, Marty Flomen, Ellen Field, Mark Frutkin, Bronwen Geddes, Gary Geddes, Bruce Harding, James Hewitt-White, jimmy s.g. ioannidis, Doug Ivison, Clare Latremouille, Christopher Levenson, Joy Hewitt Mann, Karen Massey, Rob McLennan, Karen Moffat, Alexander Monker, Susan Musgrave, Natalie Neill, Heather Tisdale-Nisbet, Diana Nobrega, Rose Oksaboose, Christopher Pollard, Kimcha Rajkumar, Stan Rogal, Jamie Russell, Dawn Sims, Christopher Sorr and Chris Wind.

Twenty years ago, tonight. Where does all the time go?

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