Saturday, September 1, 2012

August's TRUCK: Rogal, Martin, Reid, Earl, MacLeod, McCann, McElroy, Anstee, Irwwin, MillAr, Jackson, McKinnon + mclennan,

I've been editing Halvard Johnson's TRUCK throughout August, and have included new poems by various above/ground press authors (the benefit of having produced so much, and for so long, it means a great many writers can be considered authors), including Stan Rogal, Camille Martin, Monty Reid, Amanda Earl, Kathryn MacLeod, Marcus McCann, Gil McElroy, Cameron Anstee, Marilyn Irwin, Jay MillAr, Meghan Jackson (who published a couple of above/ground press items under the name meghan lynch), George Bowering and Barry McKinnon, and forthcoming authors Lary Bremner and Jordan Abel, ending the month with a piece of my own, here. Check the entire month's worth, also featuring poems by nikki reimer, Daphne Marlatt, David McGimpsey, Kim Minkus and more.

And don't forget the 19th anniversary sale! only until September 15,

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