Saturday, July 9, 2011

“poem” broadside #301, Stolen Wind, by Hugh Thomas

by the window
rain in my arms
the wide boulevards
trailing blue smoke
his sad smile
waiting to speak
to death

this happened

we were alive
the tricky steps
and green panoramas
after lovemaking
orange streaks of light
i was never anything more
than the perpetual threat of rain
food and pleasure
the lake and the sky
little songs
that elude me
waiting for
the nightingales
we say goodbye
I am a tired, bleary-eyed man
in love with a beach
the scaffolding comes apart
the heat, the light, the green rice fields
a few clouds
slowly making for that further shore

Stolen Wind
above/ground press broadside #301

Hugh Thomas teaches mathematics at the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton. Heart badly buried by five shovels, a chapbook of his poetry, was recently published by Paper Kite Press. “Stolen wind” is composed of words and phrases from the chapbook Green Wind (above/ground press, 2010) by Ken Norris.

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