Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Greg Bem reviews Amanda Earl's Lady Lazarus Redux (2017)

Our pal Greg Bem was good enough to provide the first review for Amanda Earl's Lady Lazarus Redux (2017) at Goodreads. Thanks so much! You can see the original review here.
Lady Lazarus Redux
by Amanda Earl

Occasionally books jab you in the spine and cause you to sit upright, pay attention, know that it will affect yourself as a book should always do, that it is not just noise, not just ambient, but active and effectively present. I found Earl's book to be this way, to be of fantastic import. An above-average selection of the already-fantastic above/ground press, Lady Lazarus Redux seeks rawness, transparency, and a full-on immersion into the struggles of the feminist mind and the feminist text. The book is personal, but collective. Absorptive and incapacitating. It is a serene cry out, though conceptual construction and found language, for better opportunities to know suffering and to know resolution. It will be a marvelous book to return to over time.

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