Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Amanda Earl reviews four 2017 titles: Matthew Johnstone's ( Kiln ), Natalee Caple's The Appetites of Tiny Hands, Philip Miletic's Marginal Prints and Sarah Fox's Invisible Wife

As an acknowledgment of the press' twenty-fifth anniversary [see my 'by the numbers' piece here], Ottawa poet, publisher and above/ground press author (here) Amanda Earl was good enough to review four different above/ground press 2017 titles over at her blog, providing first reviews for Matthew Johnstone's ( Kiln ) and Natalee Caple's The Appetites of Tiny Hands: Twentieth Anniversary Edition, a second review of Philip Miletic's Marginal Prints (after Eleni Zisimatos' review) and a third review of Sarah Fox's Invisible Wife (after Rebecca Banks' review and Greg Bem's review). Thanks so very much! You can see Amanda's glorious and generous review here.

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