Saturday, January 12, 2019

some author activity: dueck, hastain, mclennan, Radmore + Manery,

nathan dueck has some new work in where is the river; j/j hastain and Juliet Cook have some collaborative work online via The Operating System; rob mclennan and forthcoming author Claudia Coutu Radmore participate in Vallum magazine's 2018 year in review; and Rob Manery is interviewed over at Touch the Donkey.

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Bob Hogg said...

Rob Manery in his interview offers a brilliant, short summation of language-oriented writing. Well thought, well said. He nails it when he writes: "They are not poems that could be easily paraphrased. This disavowal of lyrical self-expression did embody a critique of a dominant discourse, one with relevance that extends beyond poetic expression." Both Rob's poetry and his prose continue that critique most usefully.