Wednesday, September 19, 2018

new from above/ground press: FACE PORTRAITS and AUTHOR COPS, by Sean Braune

Face Portraits and Author Cops
Sean Braune

irreverse the throat

wipe the flighty

skirmish—obdurate and

the sample

is a

appropriate exposé

up the

Face Portraits and Author Cops was the result of a lyrical conceptual practice of what I call “accelerated reading.” It is an attempt to regain some degree of agency—indeed authorial agency—in the 21st Century through the slightly underemphasized (in contemporary culture) practice of reading. It is the result of a frenetic engagement with all of the text that exists around me—text that I read, overhear, think, experience, imagine, erase, relocate, and reassemble. 

published in Ottawa by above/ground press
September 2018
celebrating twenty-five years of above/ground press
a/g subscribers receive a complimentary copy

Sean Braune’s
first book of philosophy, Language Parasites: Of Phorontology, appeared in 2017 from Punctum Books. His poetry has appeared in The Puritan, Rampike, Poetry is Dead, and elsewhere.

This is Braune’s third above/ground press chapbook, after the vitamins of an alphabet (2016) and The Cosmos (2018).

To order, send cheques (add $1 for postage; in US, add $2; outside North America, add $5) to: rob mclennan, 2423 Alta Vista Drive, Ottawa ON K1H 7M9. E-transfer or PayPal at at rob_mclennan (at) or the PayPal button at

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