Friday, August 9, 2013

"poem" broadside #320: let us make, by Pearl Pirie

myths of ourselves instead of the usual
fools. let's see those teeth

of bluegrass blade. each one is a particular.
it will not return to this light.

we can pour every love on this grass,
each sensation, funk, love, and ache.

they are only things to walk among, attached
as shadows. as outcomes of conditions.

let us not karate each other awake
with questions but marvel, us, us.

let us make
by Pearl Pirie
above/ground press broadside #320
Pearl Pirie tweets, photographs, poems and verbs about Ottawa, the luckiest town for literature in just about anywhere. She has poems in a number of chapbooks and in 2 collections, Thirsts (Snare/ Invisible Publishing) and been shed bore (Chaudiere Books). She has been coordinating the Tree Seed Workshop Series for the Tree Reading Series since 2009. She makes mini chapbooks with her micro press phafours. ( She has a few more books that will soon be weaned and will be looking for a good home where they will be fed and watered and taken for long walks.

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