Wednesday, January 16, 2013

some author activity: Anstee, McKinnon, mclennan, Landman, eckhoff, Hall + Bowering,

Over on his mighty blog, Cameron Anstee (briefly) discusses a couple of things, including above/ground press, and his poems in the new issue of ottawater; the first of a four-part interview with Barry McKinnon, conducted by rob mclennan, is now online at the filling Station magazine website, as an extra to their new issue focusing on Prince George BC poets and poetics; Seth Landman has something new in HTMLGIANT; kevin mcpherson eckhoff is offering a series of what he calls "inside fridge painting originals"; and Phil Hall and George Bowering perform along with many others at The Al Purdy Show in Toronto, February 6, 2013, as a celebration of poetry and music to benefit to the Al Purdy A-Frame.

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