Monday, October 1, 2012

new from above/ground press: dissections from their biography, by kevin mcpherson eckhoff

dissections from their biography
kevin mcpherson eckhoff

You are each unique snowflake. Kevin is her mother's son with ten original sauces: spicy, virtues like puppy warmth, saucy and explicity tarnished. He was born in her village of several piqued interests. An ungainly warrant to circumvent the queue or whatever strokes, she identified a new generic strain in her spare time of which we are all the general inheritors. So, she began in a small town and she will live and dye in his small town of Weaverron, b.c. Her biography delisted from fame sites. I smell rubbery goodness in him and a gentle womanly love for all things small and hairy. It's me spring day, men from Anismouth visit when I'm shy. I'll call us together like teeth and dildos on picnic, eat parades of youth, or share old versions of each other's habitual shot records. That's her, shining and young and her. Mostly irreverent yet factually astute. Her massive glands and tiny shouts, little hands and huge hair. We eat to her delight, dear Kevin. I have found you at last, cowering, sheltered in her and apoplectic. The streets awake and look for small towns in which to retire. From inside, an inside delightedly yours. My story filled with vomit yet shiny, slick and parasitic. Missing you? Not now.

published in Ottawa by above/ground press
October 2012
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kevin mcpherson eckhoff has been called a lot of things: rhapsodomancer, easy-peaser, reversed show gamer, et cetera. most of all, he's a blarney stone. least of all, he's a poet.

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