Monday, April 26, 2021

Bryce Warnes reviews Amanda Earl's a field guide to fanciful bugs (2021) at The Pamphleteer

Bryce Warnes was good enough to provide a first review for Amanda Earl's a field guide to fanciful bugs (2021) over at The Pamphleteer. Thanks so much! You can see his original review here. As he writes:
Amanda Earl | above/ground press | Ottawa, 2021

Staple-bound, 24 pages | Purchase

Even if there are 10 quintillion insects on our planet, it can be easy to overlook them—until they sting, or until someone pins them in a display case. The same goes for the printed word and its components. Amanda Earl won’t let us ignore these ubiquitous swarms, collecting them, arranging them, sometimes dissecting them with a naturalist’s eye for subtle harmonies. “intersects” threatens to overwhelm the margins with a swarm of i’s, until it doesn’t. “the vampire mosquito” puts a stake through V’s axis, while “the demon caterpillar” is hungry hungry for your dreams. And something about the interzonal a/symmetry of “burroughs’ araknid” keeps this reviewer returning to the page. Entomophobes beware.

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