Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Bryce Warnes reviews Jérôme Melançon's Coup (2020) at The Pamphleteer

Bryce Warnes was good enough to provide a first review for Jérôme Melançon's Coup (2020) over at his relatively new site, The Pamphleteer. Thanks so much! You can see his original review here. As he writes:

Jérôme Melançon | above/ground press | Ottawa, 2020

Staple bound, 20 pages | Purchase

Phenomena elemental and urban, the in-betweens of car seats and hotel coffee, come apart and rejoin, redisclose themselves. “Les racines sarclées, les mains pleines de tiges / Sudden desire to hear into everything,” to go underground, where “D’une douceur pressentie l’humidité suinte.” Above, “Le ciel s’incline,” and “Directions shift, pull the window in the storm’s way…” Disjointed, the world’s hidden forces fracture the body (“…cracked hands and brilliance”) and create blockages (“Enfermement des veines…”), tangling territories and sense. Is that a bird or a streetlight? A song or an error? Carried by Coup’s poem-logic of translingual rhyme, we drift into a dream—smack dab.

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