Wednesday, December 30, 2020

“poem” broadside #352 : “Not Patience,” by Amanda Auerbach


Spontaneously start crying at Flour. Well not spontaneously easier sidestep response to Julia whose experience not same enough does not address shared experience. Why did it have to be so hard? Start to cry she has to address says I don’t mean to imply it was not hard I also cried. Was work. Less hard for her believes does not have to attain level of work. Am not at work anymore she is still there makes me angry she can stand it, does not mind failing level says shoot me. No more like show a little patience speaks slowly admired for calmness. Patience with self with work brings angry tears cannot say cannot compressed cannot be said without too much anger keep running into those too gentle to stay. Julia second. Flour before saw Marie only really holy person met up later says she believes for a purpose. Says Catholics are there at end she is argumentative more angrily not impatient relate more to her. Third saw Sara not impatient opera singer makes sacrifices waits to acquire more appealing boyfriend. Not impatient represses impatience believes got it still. Believe we should not have to be patient. Will not stop being angered impatient time ripped away count as younger fresh injured don’t know how long pull this off.



Not Patience
by Amanda Auerbach

December 2020

above/ground press broadside #352

Amanda Auerbach is a poet and literary critic. Her first book of poems What Need Have We For Such as We came out from C&R Press in fall 2019, and her poems have also appeared in The Paris Review, Conjunctions, Kenyon Review, and FENCE. 

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