Friday, December 15, 2017

new from above/ground press: HEDGE, by Alyssa Bridgman

Alyssa Bridgman

We Should Be Together

barbed bushes grown into wire
nurtured by time and paranoia
dead hedge petrified into stone
concrete poured over wire frame
cement hedge contortion curdled
steel briar entombed in mortar
twisted frame beneath cement
petrified quick hedge dead
rebar roots clawing dirt
wrapping around ancient bones
crushed under the weight of the wall
bone to dust to concrete mix
mangled steel skeleton sealed
contorted corpse of ancient feuds
clotted blood cements to stone
seeping into the soil sews
mutually assured common destruction
published in Ottawa by above/ground press
December 2017
a/g subscribers receive a complimentary copy

Alyssa Bridgman
is an English student at Simon Fraser University. Her main area of focus is Emily Dickinson’s scrap poems. Alyssa has recently been workshopping her poems in a creative writing class taught by Stephen Collis, with a portfolio that focuses on comparing Trump’s border wall to the eighteenth-century enclosure movement in Britain.

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