Tuesday, July 14, 2015

"poem" broadside #334: "hymn to a fellow dark daughter" by Amanda Earl

You’re afraid of unsafe
pagan daylight. Listen—
            Amy Dennis,
The Complement and Antagonist of Black
(Or, the Definition of All Visible Wavelengths)

i. lost vodka songs

invisible light, dust mite
imp(s) of the perverse/persevere/severe
we clamour
sin(g) with the boys
beauty: our voracious appetites

ii. music like a hymnographer’s dark daughter

unsung between peaks
of colour
grace notes, French horn
& oboe
for mornings of transgressions

iii. praise in the name of the lark

black feathers
take their pleasure
in the winds of a storm
of another
fallen angel

                           * italics for the brilliant phrases of Amy Dennis in above.

hymn to a fellow dark daughter
by Amanda Earl
above/ground press broadside #334

Amanda Earl’s
first poetry book, Kiki, came out in 2014 with Chaudiere Books. She has three above/ground press chapbooks & this is her third above/ground press broadside. She’s an above/ground press subscriber & as such, had the pleasure of reading & being influenced by Amy Dennis’ chapbook. You should subscribe too.

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