Thursday, April 9, 2015

new from above/ground press: BRCA: Birth of a Patient, by Katie L. Price

BRCA: Birth of a Patient
Katie L. Price


I. Diagnostic Report

The patient is a 23 year old female who presents with a palpable right breast mass. The patient states that she self palpated this mass last week. Patient states that she has no other medical problems

Real-time sonographic evaluation of the right breast was performed. The area of concern is located in the right breast at 10 o’clock one to 2 cm from the areolar margin. There is an irregular hypoechoic mass measuring 22 x 26 by 29 mm. The finding is highly suspicious for malignancy. In addition to the right axilla, there is a lymph node with effacement of the fatty hilum measuring 8 x 10 x 11 mm. A mammogram was deferred at this time as the patient missed her menstrual cycle last week and is not definitely certain of her pregnancy status. A mammogram is recommended at a later time once the pregnancy status is determined.

II. Impression

1. Irregular hypoechoic mass seen in the right breast at 10 o’clock. Biopsy is recommended. The mass is amenable to core needle biopsy or excisional biopsy. Both options were discussed with the patient. The patient desired to have a core needle biopsy and therefore she was scheduled for the procedure for later this week.

2. Abnormal appearing lymph node seen in the right axilla. Fine needle aspiration is recommended.

The above findings and recommendations were discussed with the patient. In addition, the result were discussed with                   of _____________ and 2:05 p.m.

published in Ottawa by above/ground press
April 2015
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Katie L. Price’s writing—critical, creative, and other—has appeared in such venues as Fence, the Journal of Medical Humanities, Canadian Literature, and Jacket2. Originally from Utah, she resides in Philadelphia and Toronto. She currently works as a postdoctoral fellow at the Jackman Humanities Institute, serves as Interviews Editor for Jacket2, and co-directs the Philadelphia Avant-Garde Studies Consortium.

Produced, in part, as a handout at Buffalo Small Press Book Fair, April 18-19, 2015, from 11am-5pm at the Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum, Porter Hall, 453 Porter Avenue, Buffalo, NY. Much thanks to Chris Fritton for his help and support.

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