Monday, July 30, 2012

"poem" broadside #311: "Robert Kroetsch," by Natalee Caple

Well fuck I can’t believe you’re gone

Your deafening kindness

Your long seeded song

Seemed eternal

We fond moths read on

As you steep as you sink

Into the print and paper

But cars care nothing for culture

That last night sky you saw

I hope it was beaded with stars

Robert Kroetsch
by Natalee Caple
above/ground press broadside #311

Natalee Caple’s
two most recent books are a collection of poems, spells, and play fragments titled, The Semiconducting Dictionary, Our Strindberg (ECW) and a collection of fables, ecocritical fairy tales and ghost stories titled How I Came to Haunt My Parents ( and ECW). She lives in Peterborough with her husband Jeremy and twins Casey and Imogen.

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